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    Introducing the Tatler Dining Kitchen: Awards Edition

    Only for Cathay members, the most exciting culinary event of the season

    We've partnered with Tatler Dining to present Tatler Dining Kitchen: Awards Edition, a special dining series that brings together some of Hong Kong’s top culinary talents to create one-off menus that won't be available anywhere else.

    Each dinner will pair two winners of the Tatler Dining Awards 2023, who will join hands to create a multi-course dinner experience for two nights only. Get the chance to come face-to-face with the award-winning chefs and taste a truly unique menu, available exclusively at Cathay.

    The full line-up of chefs will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the unveiling of each collaboration.

    Man Ho x Hansik Goo
    8-9 May 2023

    Man Ho and Hansik Goo: When Hong Kong Met Hanguk

    South Korea is one of the most popular travel destinations for Hongkongers, yet the cuisines of the two have rarely overlapped—until now. Having propelled their restaurants to the coveted Tatler Dining 20 list of best restaurants in the Tatler Dining Awards 2023, chefs Jayson Tang of Man Ho Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong and Steve Lee of modern Korean restaurant Hansik Goo have joined forces for a menu that marries the culinary philosophies of Hong Kong and Korea for a mouthwatering feast to stoke both wanderlust and familiarity in equal measure.

    Andō and Chaat
    2-3 May 2023

    Andō and Chaat: A Voyage to New Flavours

    Inspired by the great Age of Discovery, when European nations explored the world in pursuit of spice and stumbled upon the Americas, Andō and Chaat, two honourees on the coveted Tatler Dining 20 list of best restaurants will collaborate for the first time to present the second pop-up dinner in the series. 

    For two nights only, Andō’s chef-proprietor, Agustin Balbi, and Chaat's executive chef, Manav Tuli, will masterfully meld their respective cuisines in a fun and flavourful four-hands menu, showcasing a connection between cultures that has never been seen before.

    Mono x Whey
    17-18 April 2023

    Mono and Whey: A Taste of Latin-Asia

    There are multiple encounters between Asia and Latin America that bring the two cultures together—despite being on opposite sides of the world—with food being one of the more delicious expressions of that connection. Venezuelan chef-founder of Mono (Tatler Dining's Restaurant of the Year 2023) Richard Chaneton and Singaporean chef Barry Quek of Whey (one of Tatler Dining’s top 20 restaurants of 2023) reflect this in a unique, intercultural menu that represents the soul of each of the chef’s cuisines while encapsulating the joyous blend of spice and flavour that occurs when they combine.